John A. Phillips

John has over 30 years experience in Properties, and has held roles as Project Manager, Subject Matter Expert, and in his current role as CEO, is responsible for day to day operations.

We offer homes, not houses.


At Honor Homes, LLC we pride ourselves in helping every family find one of our homes that perfectly fits their needs.  We want to make our hometown your hometown, with updated kitchens, baths, community-centered subdivisions, access to well-manicured public parks, and tree-lined streets.  Come to Honor Homes today to find your perfect home.


PRESIDENT, Honor Homes, LLC:

Janice S. Phillips

Janice was named the 2015 Business Woman of the Year (Women in Business Award) by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham in UAE).  Janice has served as Chairman, Vice President, General Manager, and head of the Board of Directors for many organizations.  

Honor Homes, LLC